The Photography
Caryn Shalita Yaker and Richard Yaker

The Couple of Artists

Richard Yaker

Richard 's love of photography began in the late 70's, when as a child, he took scores of black and white photos, and aided by his father, developed them in the family bathroom in their Bronx apartment, then later in the basement of his parents Northern NJ home. Fortunate to have the New York Metropolitan area for his hometown backdrop, Richard spent numerous hours of his childhood taking pictures at the Bronx Zoo and other locations around the city. Now, as an adult, Richard has switched coasts, makes Venice, California his home and the world his photographic playground. But, as the saying goes, you can take the Boy out of the City but you can't take the City out of the Boy. So although it's not always been such a pretty picture, he still roots for the Jets.

For more on Richard check out his bio circa 1997.

Also drawn to things creative as a child, Caryn initially chose the direction of a perfomer to be the first she would pursue. As an actress, she has taken on many roles, and in 2004, starred in a film selected to screen at the Sundance Film Festival.

But she was always been drawn to photography as a hobby. From the time her parents first took her to London at age 10, Caryn loved to travel, and loved taking photographs of those experiences. Upon getting a postivie response to those efforts after showing her photographs to some personal friends, Caryn joined her husband Richard in showing her work in this gallery.

On November 26 2005 Caryn passed away due to complications from a long term illness. She is greatly missed. Her work will remain as a tribute to her memory.

Caryn Shali
ta Yaker

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